Profile: Natalie Ross (@ Bike Marrickville)

Who am I?
Natalie Ross. I have been living with my family in Marrickville for about 20yrs, and I have been a cyclist for even longer than that!

What do I do?
I am the treasurer and membership officer for Bike Marrickville, a local bicycle user group that encourages people in the Marrickville area to enjoy cycling for recreation and commuting, and works with Marrickville Council to improve facilities for cyclists.

Best part about working/volunteering in the sport & recreation industry?
The best part about volunteering with Bike Marrickville has been meeting lots of fantastic local people, leading rides, and seeing the big increase in the popularity of cycling in the last few years.

What I like to do to get active in my spare time?
I have never used a car, so my whole life is pretty active! I cycle to work to get around most days. I also do a lot of walking and go to the gym at the Annette Kellerman Aquatic Centre a few times a week.