About Rec Post


To all recreation lovers, sports fans, players and team members, cyclists, runners, and punters, we have great news. recpost has launched and is now delivering everything you need to know about recreation in our local area.


Not only does recpost have all the news about recreation events and happenings in Marrickville, but also stuff like club profiles. Now it’s easy to find everything about, say…women’s soccer in Marrickville by age or competition level, club registration days or connect with like-minded kayaking and canoeing enthusiasts.


There are helpful maps - bike maps, park maps, suggested walking and running trails - and volunteer opportunities. There are feature stories about local achievements and personalities. And there’s news, like upgrades to your local parks facilities or changes to legislation relating to recreation. You can also view what’s on offer from local recreation businesses, like personal training sessions or come and try days.


You’ll love the other features, too. recpost has a storyboard where you can share your recreational experiences, such as your pictures or videos, with links to Twitter and Facebook. You can post your feedback about an event or catch a glimpse of the highlights by registering for the monthly newsletter.


Council’s Recreation team can talk you through everything you want to know about recpost and your ideas and suggestions are always welcome – so give us a call or visit the "Contact Us" page:

9335 2222