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Reclink Community Cup

Sydney’s second newest cross town rivalry heads into its second year with the Reclink Community Cup being staged at the picturesque Henson Park in Marrickville on Sunday August 25th.

The Reclink Community Cup is a family-friendly day that last year in Melbourne alone raised over $70,000 for charity, rising to $100,000 plus in 2013. With Sydney embracing a rapidly growing AFL culture and it’s very own top-flight intra-city rivalry, The Reclink Community Cup is becoming a buzz topic across the Harbour City.

Rec Post Logo Competition - Keep an eye out near you!

Keep an eye out around the Marrickville area for Rec Post signs and posters featuring the Rec Post logo (colour ball).

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Why I Play: Winning Entry #1

"I like to Kayak and try to get out as regularly as I can. I find the exercise suits me as it is fun, quite aerobic, and puts my mind in a very relaxed state and peaceful place. I need to work out aerobically but my knees are in poor condition so running is not an option for me. Recently I have ventured onto the Cook's River and enjoyed working against the mild current and seeing the revitalization of this inner west waterway." - Darren, 1 May 2013

Profile: Natalie Ross (@ Bike Marrickville)

Who am I?
Natalie Ross. I have been living with my family in Marrickville for about 20yrs, and I have been a cyclist for even longer than that!

What do I do?
I am the treasurer and membership officer for Bike Marrickville, a local bicycle user group that encourages people in the Marrickville area to enjoy cycling for recreation and commuting, and works with Marrickville Council to improve facilities for cyclists.

Are you a recreation volunteer?

Do you work the local BBQ on a Saturday for your favourite club? Do you timekeep at local swim meets? Do you coach a junior sports team? Do you serve on the committe of a local recreation group? Do you wash all the team uniforms so they look great when they run out for their next big match?

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