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Overcoming common hurdles
People can give all sorts of excuses for not being regularly active. Here are a few tips to help you overcome some of the common hurdles.

“ I find physical activity boring.”
Walking with a friend or a group can help to make physical activity interesting. Joining Heart Foundation Walking is a great way to do this. Some groups also vary their route or hold special events. Make sure that you celebrate your achievements and those of your group members.

“It will be too fast.”
Make sure you always walk at your own pace. Start at a level that suits your fitness and abilities and aim to build up slowly. We have groups for a variety of ages and fitness levels.

“It’s too expensive.”
Walking is cheap. It can be done almost anywhere and all you need is comfortable shoes and clothing. Joining Heart Foundation Walking is free to all participants.

“It’s too difficult with young children.”
Take your children with you. Babies and toddlers can ride in a pram and older children can ride bikes or walk with the group. Some Heart Foundation Walking groups are especially for ‘Parents With Prams’. Alternatively, you could meet with a group after dropping your children to school or preschool. It’s a great way to meet other parents.

“I don’t have the time.”
Make walking part of your day. Walk to public transport, use the stairs, or park further away from the shops. Joining Heart Foundation Walking will help you make being active a regular part of your day. Remember, as little as 30 minutes of daily walking will give you a health benefit.

“I’m too old.”
You are never too old to start being active and never too old to gain the benefits. Heart Foundation Walking has members in their 80s and older. It helps to find a group with others of a similar age – or start one with your friends or neighbours.

“ I already do enough activity.”
Maybe you are already active. However, many Australians think they are active enough when they are not. Everyday, light activities (e.g. casual walking or grocery shopping) are not enough. The benefits of physical activity depend on routinely doing an activity at a moderate intensity (such as brisk walking) for at least 10 minutes in duration, aiming for at least 30 minutes on five days each week. When we are busy, being active is often the first thing to go. Make physical activity a priority in your day.