How do I find new activities and recreation groups?


All new registered groups and activities will be listed on the Home Page.

At any stage should you wish to return to the Home Page, simply click on the RecPost logo.

The "Search" function is located on the right hand side of the site. There are several ways to search for activities and information on RecPost:

  • Search by KEYWORDS eg swimming, seniors.

           Example: I am new to the area and would like to cycle to work. I could search 'map', 'cycling', 'bike shops'

  • Refine your search by age, type of activity, gender, social or competitive, time of year and so on.

           Example: I am a parent and have a 6y.o. looking to get involved in sport in Marrickville. Simply select relevant age group (6-12) and search. All groups

                         that have activities catering for this age group will be listed.

           To learn more about an individual group, simply click the hyperlink on that group.

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