Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction 8- week morning and evening courses begin late October. Bookings open. Limited places.

MBSR is a structured 8 week educational and experiential program, which can help you to reduce stress, be less reactive and be more present. This can enrich your life and your relationships.
A strong body of research affirms that MBSR can often help improve your:
• ability to relax
• energy and enthusiasm for life
• self-esteem and self-confidence • effective decision making, and
• concentration and memory.

MBSR is often helpful with:
• stress
• anxiety
• depression
• rumination
• pain,and
• physical symptoms of a range of chronic health issues.

The course will run 4x a year in the school term,I in the morning and the evening.There are 8 21/2 hour sessions and a 5 hour day on a Sunday. The cost is $400.00. Some subsidies are available on enquiry. For info www.headrest.com.au or 0431842950.

Headrest: MIndfulness Training